Requesting the Massachusetts Shaken Babies Remembrance Quilt

What is the Shaken Babies Quilt?

Families affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome and MassKids have collaborated to produce the "Massachusetts Shaken Babies Remembrance Quilt" to honor infants who have died or been injured due to this devastating type of Abusive Head Trauma. Through displays of the Quilt, we seek to raise the public's awareness of the issue and build the knowledge and skills of parents/caretakers about infant shaking and ways to cope with infant crying – a frequent trigger for shaking. We are committed to engaging the public in our efforts to ensure that no other child or family will fall victim to this tragic, yet preventable form of child abuse.

Our deepest thanks to Lowell resident Dianne Judd and her volunteers at The Quilted Shamrock in Hudson, New Hampshire who assisted families in designing their square and assembled the finished work of art. A special thanks to Quilt Committee members Bob Logan and Frank Bashore - grandfather and great-grandfather of Baby Devin, Joanne True and Sheila Dempsey who worked with MassKids to produce this important SBS prevention tool.


What does the Shaken Babies Remembrance Quilt Package Include?

Along with the Quilt, you and/or your organization will receive 50 free copies of our popular teaching brochure “Infant Crying and Soothing: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Baby Safe.” These brochures, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, are intended to educate parents, grandparents, babysitters, boyfriends, girlfriends, child care providers and other caregivers. They discuss the facts about infant crying, a range of effective infant soothing strategies, and how caregivers can cope when infant crying leads to frustration and anger. If additional brochures are desired, please contact our office for ordering details. Also included with the Quilt package is a document titled “Massachusetts Shaken Babies” which tells the stories of the infants and families represented by each square in the Quilt. This document may be duplicated and made available for distribution to the public during the Quilt's display.


Rental Terms of Agreement:

Rental of the Massachusetts Shaken Babies Quilt is $100 plus the cost of shipping. The standard rental period is one week but we are happy to extend that time if your event or display plans extend beyond that period. All funds received from rental income will go towards the printing of prevention materials for use with future Quilt displays.

As the renter, you/your organization will be responsible for protecting the Quilt from damage of dirt. If the Quilt is damaged or soiled, renter assumes responsibility for the cost of repair or cleaning. When return shipping the Quilt, renter will re-send the Quilt in its cotton casing and in a sturdy and well-sealed cardboard box. Renter is responsible shipping the package and for sending tracking information to MassKids.


If you would like to rent the Quilt for display in your local hospital, school, library, mall, city hall, or other appropriate public venue, please download and fill out this form:

Quilt Request Form