Cherishing Every Child this Holiday Season 
Stop the Hurt. Donate to MassKids Today!

Please take just a few minutes from your busy holiday schedule to listen to a brief message from Senator Elizabeth Warren that speaks to the critical problem of child sexual abuse and MassKids’ leadership in addressing an issue which the American Medical Association has called “a silent, violent epidemic.” We also invite you to hear an inspiring and uplifting song performed by Framingham children at our recent Summit to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in Schools and Youth Organizations. "Stop the hurt before it starts, we don't need more broken hearts," they sing. They remind us that children look to us - their parents, relatives, teachers, and other caring adults - to protect them from abuse and exploitation.

MassKids has been an effective advocate for our state’s most vulnerable children for over half a century. We hope you will help support MassKids today with your holiday gift so that we can continue the critical work to prevent child abuse across our state and communities.

“Why can’t we cherish every child?” the children sing. Let’s show them we do by stopping the hurt, before it starts.

P.S. For the lyrics of this song, please click here.