In the first place, the campaign places its focuses on an adult responsibility model for preventing child sexual abuse -- which is a significant shift from the vast majority of prevention programs that focus on educating children. And the strategies the campaign offers focus on abuse closer to home, emphasizing that abuse happens most often among people who are known to and trusted by the child. This, too, is a departure from the dominant "stranger danger" message that that continues to inform policy and media representations of CSA. Additionally, Hoeflinger notes, the campaign's emphasis on community collaboration truly sets it apart from previous efforts. While the majority of campaigns tend to focus on training individuals in the service sector, the Enough Abuse model locates itself within communities, and goes beyond a limited set of trainings to foster the building of real and lasting relationships among diverse stakeholders. (At present, the campaign involves 26 different organizations.) “Massachusetts Citizens for Children is building a grassroots movement across the state of Massachusetts, community by community," Hoeflinger says. "They represent a unique collaboration that has shifted the conversation about child sexual abuse and provided new avenues for people to get involved.”

At, parents, professionals and others who have children in their lives can find the information they need about,

  • Behaviors that might indicate that an adult poses a risk to children;
  • How to differentiate between sexual behaviors of children that are "developmentally expected" and those that are inappropriate, coercive, abusive, or pose a risk to other children;
  • Physical and behavioral signs that might indicate a child is being abused;
  • Specific ways parents can talk to their children to keep them safe.

This new version of the website, which was made possible by a grant from the Ms. Foundation for Women, also offers visitors an opportunity to connect with communities involved with the campaign throughout Massachusetts; access advice and information for victims and abusers; sign a pledge to Join the Movement; and post their own testimonials about the importance of ending child sexual abuse.

For more information about MCC and the Enough Abuse Campaign, watch the following video, produced by the Ms. Foundation as part of the 'Voices From the Field' archive.