Recent MassKids Mentions in the Media:

MassLive (June 2nd, 2023) "What if children in Massachusetts were not abused in the first place? (Commentary)" 

WGBH (April 20th, 2023)  "Advocates call for action on bills to prevent child sexual abuse in schools" 

Fall River Reporter (April 20, 2023) "Massachusetts lawmakers push bills to tackle “staggering but true” child abuse in schools" 

WCVB5 (April 11th, 2023) "Survivors launch effort to protect Massachusetts children from sexual predators"

Eagle Tribune (June 9th, 2022): "Advocates renew push to tighten child sex abuse laws" 

WBUR (May 3, 2022): "Schools have policies to stop child sexual abuse. Advocates say they have too many weak spots" 

Lynn Daily Item (April 27, 2022): "The Evil That is Abuse: Nobody Wants to Talk About This"

NY Sun (April 25, 2022):  The word "Groomer" emerges as an issue in the politics of education"

MALN Opinion+ (December 10th, 2021): “Jetta Bernier”

Yahoo News, (December 9th, 2021), "Advocates Seek to Tighten Laws on Sex Offenders"

WHDH7 News Boston, (December 7th 2021), "Rollins backs tougher penalties in abuse of power cases"

WCVB5 News, (December 7th 2021), "5 Investigates: New Push in Massachusetts to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse"

American Dream Cable Show, (September 22, 2021), "Joan Lovely & Jetta Bernier"

The Hill, (June 10 2021), "1 in 10 kids is sexually abused — let's end the silence and stop the abuse".

WCVB5 News, (June 8 2021), "Bills to protect kids from sexual abuse in schools, community up again on Beacon Hill".

Bloomberg News, (June 2nd 2021), "New Report Recommends States Introduce Laws to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, Strengthen Child Safety in Schools & Youth"

Prevent Connect Podcast, (May 28th 20221), "Enough Abuse: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Schools" and "Enough Abuse: All Adults Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse":

The Salem News, (May 26 2021), "Child abuse cases surge in state: Pandemic's stress on many families likely led to spike".

Morning Show on North Shore 104.9FM, (May 4th, 2021), With Senator Bruce Tarr:

MA Latino News, (April 30, 2021), "MALN Opinion+: Jetta Bernier".

Seacoast Online, (Oct. 27th 2020), "'Enough!': York County schools take action to prevent child sexual abuse". 

Dallas News, (Sept. 18 2020), "Senate passes bipartisan child sex abuse prevention bill introduced by Texas Sen. Cornyn". 

WBUR (Nov. 11 2019), "Boston Children's Theatre Parents React To Allegations Against Former Artistic Director." 

WBUR (Nov. 9 2019), "Boston Children's Theatre Hires Law Firm To Investigate Claims Of Inappropriate Behavior By Former Artistic Director."

The Boston Globe (Nov. 8 2019), "Boston Children’s Theatre hires outside firm to investigate allegations."

The Advocate: (Sept. 11th, 2019), "‘I Was Told What He Did To Me Was Legal’: Woman testifies about teen relationship with Granby teacher to change state consent laws" 

Editorial, Newburyport News: (August 20th, 2019), "EDITORIAL: Tighten laws on abusive school employees"

Salem News:(August 15th, 2019), "'We have to get smart about this' Training aims to help educators deal with, prevent sexual abuse"

Cape Cod Times (May 1, 2019) Opinion "End abuse, support child advocacy legislation" 

The Eagle-Tribune (June 19, 2018), "Advocates Seek Stricter Rules on Reporting Abuse"

The Dailey Item (February 14, 2018), " Strict Reporting Laws Spike Child Abuse Cases in Massachusetts"

Bangor Daily News (January 1, 2018), "Former American Idol Judge partners with Maine doctor, cop to fight child sex abuse"

This American Dream (November 30, 2017), "This American Dream with Jim Carrigan, Joan Lovely, Jetta Bernier, and Birgitta Damon"

Carney Sandoe & Associates (September 29th, 2017), "Q&A with Jetta Bernier"

Boston Globe Editorials (July 17, 2017), "Update Mass. laws to break child sexual abuse cycle"

NECN (June 12, 2017), "Passing the Trash: Teacher Sexual Misconduct"