MassKids has had the honor of working with and getting to know many artists over the years – talented people who share the desire to make the world a better place for children to grow up in. They use their art to inspire us – to cherish our children, to change the world, and to value the efforts of a community working together.

To Every Child

Image of a watercolor rainbow with a poem by Joan Baez
Dedication Poem - Joan Baez
Dedication Graphics - David Mekelberg

Corita Kent's Serigraph for Massachusetts Citizens for Children: "It's only fair that each child be cherished"


In In the mid-80’s Corita became acquainted with our work and created an exclusive serigraph to commemorate Massachusetts Citizens for Children's 25th Anniversary.  The phrase she believed captured the essence of our mission and work was: “It’s only fair that each child be cherished.” She encouraged us to use the saying as our official logo and determined that it should be in bright, bold red. And so, our logo simply, colorfully and brilliantly expresses our mission and hopes for children.  You can learn more about Corita and her importance to our mission by reading an interview here. Also, mug bearing this logo can be purchased for MCC's store. In addition, some of our signed, limited edition serigraphs are available for purchase.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Corita Serigraph


Paul Shea 


Paul Shea was a beloved fixture on the streets of Boston for many years, his brushes at work capturing the ebb and flow of life in the city. The Waltham Native was the second in three generations of artists, and his works are both a creative and an historic portrait of Boston and its many landmarks. Paul’s love of the city and his interest in people, are evident in his vibrant watercolors that are as full of life and activity as any workday in the heart of the city. Paul painted a number of his works from MCC's 7th floor office suite at 14 Beacon Street, which provided him with a unique vantage point from which to paint the Massachusetts State House, his favorite subject. A beloved father of nine children, Paul understood the importance of MCC's mission and before his death in 2009 gifted a limited number of reprints of three pieces to support the work he valued.


 SBS Remembrance Quilt


The Massachusetts Shaken Babies Remembrance Quilt was created to honor the children in our state who have died or been injured due to shaking.  You can learn more about the stories of the children represented in this Quilt here.  It is thanks to the vision, skills and commitment of Dianne Judd and her volunteer quilters with the Quilted Shamrock that MassKids was able to collaborate with families effected by SBS/AHT to create this lasting memorial.

To build public awareness about SBS prevention this quilt is available for display in hospitals, schools, libraries, malls, city halls, and other locations across the state.   A companion booklet about the children in the Quilt is available for reproduction. The SBS Center will also provide our "Infant Crying and Soothing: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Baby Safe" brochures for distribution during the Quilt's display. Click here to request the Quilt.


Moira Lo Bianco ~ Polaroid 3 for the Enough Abuse Campaign

Moira Lo Bianco plays Polaroid 3, an original composition from her album "Lunaria" in support of MassKids' Enough Abuse Campaign to end child sexual abuse.