It's Not Just Jenna: A True story of Child Sexual Abuse and Survival

Including: “Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Learning and Discussion Guide”

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"It’s Not Just Jenna” is a compelling 30-minute video featuring the true story of a family whose lives were changed after 16-year old Jenna Quinn revealed that she had been sexually abused by a trusted family friend.

Youth groups, schools, churches, and others can purchase the right to view the Video and, using the Discussion Guide, facilitate a post-viewing training with their group/organization an unlimited number of times for a $75 fee.

The Quinn family’s willingness to share their journey of discovery will help others learn how to prevent child sexual abuse by educating them about:

  • Behaviors to be aware of in adults that might indicate they pose a risk to children;
  • Ways sexual abusers “groom” or establish trust with potential victims and their families;
  • Behaviors to be aware of in children or teens that might indicate that they are being or have been sexually abused;
  • Why it’s difficult for victims of child sexual abuse to tell;
  • How to respond when we see behaviors in an adult, child, or teen that indicate they might be involved in sexual abuse.


Today, Jenna is a national speaker, author, the namesake of Jenna’s Law in Texas, and an advocate for child sexual abuse prevention legislation. She provides a personal message to survivors at the end of the video, telling them they are not alone, and encouraging them to speak to a trusted adult. Her message to parents encourages them to talk to their children, beginning early and communicating often about body safety.

Jenna also emphasizes to school and youth organization staff the importance of policies to prevent child sexual abuse, and specific policies that could improve child safety and reduce legal and financial liabilities that can result from incidents of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Together this Video and Discussion Guide will educate junior and senior high school students, parents, teachers and youth-serving professionals about the broader problem of child sexual abuse and what we all need to know to help prevent it. 

To purchase the Video and Discussion Guide for your group, contact MassKids at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 617 742-8555. We accept payment by check or cash. After receiving your order, we will send you an invoice and instructions to access, stream and/or download the video and discussion guide on our e-learning management platform.


What youth are saying about It's Not Just Jenna:

I liked that it's a personal story rather than just a documentary so it gives perspective to a real life situation, how to prevent it, and the warning signs.

This video showed me... if I think something is wrong to ask and if there is something wrong with me I can tell people.

It was very open and showed you the real story and how it all started.

A lot of it I can understand her point. I went through that too for 13 years. I was 5 years old when it started until I was 7 years old. I understand her.

How Jenna was able to speak about it, I would imagine it must be hard to talk about.

I liked that the story was so real and that it showed the perspectives of not only the victim but also the people around her. It transitioned well, showing her childhood to her recovery.

Usually they make up a story, but the fact is it was true and she was brave enough to tell her story.

I liked that it didn't try to hide the parts that are uncomfortable to see.

It showed the emotional impact sexual abuse has on families. Seeing the father's emotion made the impact of the matter more serious.

I liked that Jenna got through that terrible part of her life and that she wants to help others.

…and about the It's Not Just Jenna Discussion:

I liked that the discussion was very thorough and clear. A lot of good topics were included and a lot of questions were answered.

What I liked best is we discussed things that I didn't realize.

I liked hearing my classmates discuss the injustice of child abuse, it showed that they care.

Being able to talk freely and openly. It helped teach more about sexual abuse. Great discussion.

Learning about what to do if you suspect abuse and the steps to take to report/prevent it.

The speakers actually interested me; they were good presenters who made sure we understood.

I like the information I learned from the discussion. I never knew the steps to take when you know someone is getting abused. I liked learning about the warning signs as well.

It was very informative and I learned a lot from discussions. It made me consider being a foster parent when I am older.

I liked how you could relate to Jenna. It connected children being sexually abused to real life.

That it was Jenna talking and that it went into enough detail to know what she dealt with.

The video was really honest and straight forward.

It was a real story and powerful. I liked how it showed how close and how much the family was there for Jenna. The family worked together to heal.

What I liked best about the video was when Jenna's sister was talking and her sister knew something was wrong with Jenna and her sister did something about it.

It was a good way of being safe and teaching others.

Make us realize that we should realize people's behaviors, especially little kids, because we could be the one to help them out.

It showed me what to do if anyone needs help.