Emotional abuse inhibits a child's happiness and well-being. Children look to their parents for love and understanding; when they do not receive this they become sad, withdrawn and may separate themselves from others. A child who does not get any loving attention from its parent may believe that this is normal and not search for it from others.

Emotionally abused or neglected children can become angry, mad at everyone, putting the child on a path of destruction. They tend to give up easily, and show little joy or happiness. "What difference does it make what I say or do, no one cares about me anyway?" is the attitude an emotionally abused child may develop.

As a child grows older, the effects of emotional abuse become worse. They have difficulty paying attention in class, which results in poor academic performance. They have a hard time making friends; their anger increases and they fight a lot. The child's actions and attitude make it difficult for others to give him warm and positive messages, so the problems continue and worsen.

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